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All new updated version of its MC6000 flagship controller

More of an update rather than a new product Denon have unleashed the MC6000MK2 onto the digital DJing community. Building on the popularity of the original rather compact but feature rich digital DJing controller the MK2 now comes with tighter Serato integration as well as a host of new features, décor and knobs that bring this controller bang up to date. The MC6000MK2 comes with Serato DJ Intro out of the box but can be upgraded to Serato DJ Pro for a small fee.

Denon’s MC6000MK2 is equally at home in professional DJ booths, on the road for the mobile DJ crew and for house party sessionists, its been designed to have universal appeal across the whole DJing spectrum. As mentioned the MC6000MK2's control surface is built to enable direct plug and play communication with the bundled Serato DJ Intro software, but it can also play nicely with all the other additions and functions of the full blown Serato DJ and Video software and just in case Serato isn’t your flavour DJs can also use the MC6000MK2 with other software with the correct mapping.

As per the original MC6000 the MK2 combines top notch,  build quality via the hard as nails steel chassis, which will be able to handle all the rigours of life on the road and lets not forget that Denon’s flagship controller is also a fully capable four channel mixer in its own rights with its, realtime channel matrix operation enabling fast and efficient DJ changeovers if the MC6000 makes up the hub of your DJ set up with the flexibility to add record decks, table top CD players, USB audio and other auxiliary input devices.

Denon’s MC6000MK2 is a capable alternative for the digital mixing crew who want something a little different from the rest of the crowd

The MC6000MK2 is in all good DJ outlets for £569.