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Hard-edge DnB 'Mr Cover Up'

Drum & bass duo State Of Mind start 2014 with a sonic dropkick to the gut titled ‘Mr Cover Up.’ 

The first release off the New Zealand producers’ forthcoming album on Black Sun Empire’s Blackout Records is about to blast through speakers at underground raves and festivals alike. With past releases on Shogun Audio and 31 Records, State Of Mind is carving out a hard, driving sector for themselves in the drum & bass community. 

‘Mr Cover Up’ features spitfire vocals from PerclEve, each word a spoken bullet shot out over the six-minute DnB rager. With anvil-heavy basslines and synth contorted to pair evenly with the less-boisterous melody, this is one tune that gets you into the party State Of Mind.

Listen to the premiere below.<

Look out for the official release on January 13.