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Fresh production tips from the Cocoon Hero

I’ve got to say, most of the time I produce together with Dana Ruh because I think we are a very good team. When we start a studio session it’s always different. Sometimes we have an idea of a nice groove or bassline, vocal whatever, or we just start to jam. I sit on a synthesizer and start to play some melodies, basslines. And when I am not watching she is recording this, or Dana plays and I am listening out for new sounds.

“I always get new inspiration for tracks and sounds when I am out DJing at the weekends; I also listen to a lot of other styles of music as well to help me find the right inspiration. For our last track we did for the 'Cocoon 100' compilation — ‘Beetle’ — the idea was really clear from the beginning…

“We had this metallic vocoder sound and we wanted it to move all the time throughout the track so it never stays the same. So we used a combination of digital and analogue techniques to achieve this. We are not fans of using only digital or analogue. We love analogue, but I think to mix it ‘in the box’ is the future. When we want a big fat sound we play with the old analog machines, like Roland synths. But generally we do our work with Logic now. I think it doesn’t matter whether you’re using analogue or digital to produce; however you have to know what you are doing with the equipment you’ve got.”