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Band cover all acts in DJ Mag chart

A hardcore guitar band from Melbourne, Australia have made history — by being the first band to play a track from all of DJ Mag's Top 100 DJs 2013 list in sequential order!

The band, named Bareback Titty Squad, evidently have their tongues firmly in their cheeks as they plough through snippets of tracks from all of the DJs in the poll, starting with hardstyler Ran-D at No.100 and working down.

The Daft Punk sequence is particularly memorable, and when it comes to Deadmau5 they first of all play Bon Jovi's 'Living On A Prayer' in reference to the Mau5's legendary spin of said tune for $200,000 in Las Vegas at the request f a high-rolling gambler.

Are the BBTS affectionately paying homage to all the currently most popular electronic acts in their own style, or are they taking the piss?

“As soon as the 2013 Top 100 DJs results were in, we got cracking on this bad boy,” BBTS tell DJ Mag. “We wanted to merge old world with new. We each care so much about electronic music, and it just made sense.”

“We aren't taking the piss at all!” BBTS continued. “WE wanted to experiment and see how electronic music could be played with traditional instruments. Did we pull it off?”

Decide for yourselves. Watch the full Top 100 run-down here: