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Strange U

Bullet Proof Mustache

High Focus
"Damn, when he’s finished grabbing his balls/He sat with half a gram and some British amateur porn/He should really stand up, be a man and spark a nation/But his dick was titanium alloy with armor plating."Oh. Yes. Fuck yes. They're baaack... Strange U return on a new home (hats off to High Focus for signing these psychonauts) with more of the hebraphrenic havoc that made 'EP#2040' such a huge highlight of 2014. All the usual stunning elements are in place. Kashmere taking you from the real to the unreal, from two-dimensional mind-scrolls to four-dimensional mind-fucks in the space of a syllable, Lee Scott ("swinging a bat like Freddie Flintoff") here dropping a cameo verse packed full of tension and trauma. Zygote brews a simmering plateau of funky, smoky, dubby, 16-bit murk underneath it all. The album 'LP#4080' drops soon and is going to be utterly essential, you know this. Welcome back to one of the most thrillingly wayward crews in hip-hop full stop right now. Awesomesauce.