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Friday 7th March with DJ Switch, Jon1st and JFB

Since we've moved our HQ Sessions to [email protected], it's gone swimmingly.

So far, we've had Hospital Records and trance hero Markus Schulz DJ in the noisy room at the back our office. Check out their sets.

And last week we had a Rinse takeover booming out of the bassbins. Now, this week we're turning to the turntablists who are going to cut, scratch and claw their way through three hours of music!

We have playing the mighty Jon 1st (DMC Online Champion 2013), DJ Switch (three-times DMC World Supremacy Champion) and Brighton-based DJ JFB (two-times DMC Champion).

Don't forget to WATCH HERE between 4-7pm this friday!

Don't forget to vote in the first round of the DMC Online DJ Championshop here!