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Pioneer launch a range of cool in-ear headphones for DJs

Pioneer are about to launch a brand new range of in ear headphones aimed specifically at the pro DJ market. The DJE-2000 and DJE-1500 in-ear headphones have been designed to give DJs a professional option for in-ear monitoring for gigging and also a discreet option for listening to your tunes and preparing sets whilst on the move. The two models are available in a cool black or snazzy white colour way,

The DJE range have been designed to offer powerful sound across a wide audio spectrum, superior noise dampening - essential when in a loud environment, and secure over-ear and in-ear positions for maximum and personal comfort. In ear monitoring has been used by live musicians for many years offering a accurate representation of their personal monitoring mix, so it stands to reason that they would and could be adopted by DJs looking for something more tailored than conventional headphones.

The DJE-2000 comes with a clever dual driver system that gives even more greater dynamic range over the single driver DJE-1500 however both have been designed to deliver top notch audio and both can be worn either as in-ear or over-ear depending on what is more comfortable for the user.

Both the DJE-2000 and the DJE-1500 come with a durable carry case, to protect them whilst in transit and they also have a detachable tangle free cable made out of braided textile material for added strength and durability.

The DJE-2000 will hit the shops at £239.00 whilst the DJE-1500 will be coming in at £139.00