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Management and booking 2.0

The music tech company, Gigwell has launched a new management and booking software for the electronic dance music industry.

The first cloud based DJ booking platform, Gigwell Productivity Suite, is an integrating end-to-end workflow automation for booking and management agencies, and essentially remove time-sucking busy work.

“It’s a fantastic system for an agency, very intuitive and to the point,” says Maurizio Clemente, Owner, Keynote Multimedia/ Feel Bookings- Rome, IT. “It makes our work easy and gives us more time to work on important issues.”

Currently in beta, Gigwell has kicked off its endeavor with eight carefully selected booking and management agencies representing over 300 artists worldwide.

Its mission is to provide a simple cloud based solution to manage all artist bookings, track payments, negotiate contracts, talent availabilities, and track revenue goals.

In addition, Gigwell has a board of advisors consisting of highly accomplished names in the dance music industry, big data analytics, and machine learning.

This could mean the end of gig contracts, signatures, and making painful last minute trips to the bank for wire transfers.

"Gigwell is an amazing and revolutionary booking engine that will modernize the way agencies manage and book their artists,” says Barak Schurr, WanticketsFounder/CEO.

Check out this explanation video for Gigwell:

For more information go to:

Heading to WMC in Miami? Learn more about Gigwell at the following event on Tuesday March 25th, 2014 - Faceless Recordings Showcase @ The SocialLubricant, Miami FL