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Miami Music Week tick down

With a new festival slugger, 'Champion' (out now on Dim Mak Records), DJ and producer, Clockwork kicks off Miami Music Week with his guide to five Miami haunts that he gives the gold belt seal of approval.

1. Grand Central 

"Absolutely one of my favorite venues. I've played here more times than I can remember, and somehow it always manages to outdo itself."

2. Liv

"Really not much needed to say here as Liv is such a legendary club. I've had some amazing memories playing here."

3. Story 

"I played here for the first time last year for the Dim Mak WMC party and was blown away. Beautifully designed, and a fantastic sound system to boot." 

4. Dream 

"I will always remember playing the pool party on the roof here, as it was one of the first shows I ever did after signing with Dim Mak. Also, they throw some incredible daytime parties during WMC that I look forward to all year." 

5. SL Miami

"I played here last year with a bunch of friends for the Baauer and  Just Blaze party, and we all ended up DJing together till they turned the  lights on. Definitely one of my favorite WMC memories."