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Hundreds sign to say why they want Brazilian DJs at the World Cup

Hundreds of Brazilian dance music fans have been signing the DJ Mag petition to get some dance music DJs playing at the World Cup.

DJ Mag launched the petition yesterday (Thursday 29th May), and although only a few hundred people have signed it so far, the comments show the strength of feeling about the World Cup's organisation.

“Because it is a Brazilian World Cup, it should have Brazilian DJs,” wrote Ian Papareskos from Rio de Janeiro.

“It's very important to show to all the world a piece of the Brazilian culture,” said Henrique Issi from São Paulo.

The main entertainment at the World Cup opening ceremony at the moment is being provided by Puerto Rican popster Ricky Martin, J-Lo and Pitbull — who have been chosen to record the Official World Cup theme — and diminutive US pop artist, who publicly dissed dance music recently. 

To date, no high profile Brazilian artists are playing the World Cup – and certainly no DJs. “Brazil is a multi-culture country, so we need somebody to represent the electronic scene,” said Wagner Xavier from Duque de Caxias. “And their name is Marky.”

Brazilian drum & bass star Marky was named by many signatories as the DJ they'd most like to see playing at an official World Cup event, although other newer, up and coming artists such as Marcelo CIC and Ftampa were quoted by several respondents. “Get the really good Brazilian DJs like DJ Nuts, DJ Soul Slinger, DJ Marcelo da Lua, DJ Ze and many others,” said Albert Rah from São Paulo.

DJ Mag was alerted to the paucity of talent on offer at the official World Cup events by Fatboy Slim, talking about his Brazilian love affair for the cover story in the June issue of DJ Mag — and how he's still incredibly popular in Brazil. The UK DJ will be playing various gigs during the World Cup — although none of them official FIFA events.

“We need to showcase some of the local talent,” said Marcus Lira from Brasilia.

“It is only fair that a Brazilian artist of international renown join the party,” said Gill Franca from Uberaba.

“This event requires Brazilian DJs to represent what we feel in the soul and the heart: Brazilian music,” wrote Alessandra Ferreira from São Paulo.

“Brazil is a country where people celebrate life with rhythm,” wrote Amanda Lisboa from Guarulhos, poignantly. “This should be present at the World Cup.”

The World Cup is less than a fortnight away, and the eyes of the world will be on Brazil. Is it really good enough to have providing the main entertainment focus?

Join with fellow dance music lovers from Brazil and sign the petition here