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We announce the launch date for the Top 100 DJs poll 2014

Quite simply: it's the most important poll in dance music.

The Top 100 DJs poll seems to roll around quicker every year, and every year it seems to get bigger and better than ever. We can officially announce right here that voting for the 2014 Top 100 DJs poll opens... on July 12th.

The opening of the poll is going to be marked with a launch party on the night in Amsterdam, Holland with a bunch of top DJs. We'll be announcing the line-up and venue of the launch party in due course, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it's gonna be big.

Voting then closes on September 15th. The two month voting period allows news of the poll to trickle out around the world, and allows time for DJs to get the wheels on their campaigns in order to rally their supporters. 

Like in a general election, more and more it seems in the Top 100 DJs poll that if you don't campaign at all, you don't do nearly as well as you might.

As has been well documented, the Top 100 DJs poll grew out of an editorial feature in the magazine in the 1990s. Awards parties have taken place at London venues such as Home, The End, Heaven, Fabric, Turnmills and Ministry in its early days, and in recent years it's been held in Amsterdam to coincide with the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) — one of the main worldwide industry conventions. 

We started the awards in Holland at the Passenger Terminal with about 5000 clubbers in 2011, moving to the slightly bigger Convention Factory in 2012 when Armin regained his crown from David Guetta. In 2013 we moved to the Rai Centre, with over 25,000 visitors, where Hardwell won the crown, and this year we're going one better still. 

2014's awards will be held at The ArenA, which is none other than the STADIUM for Ajax football club on the outskirts of Amsterdam (pictured above). This will be our biggest year yet. 

With a new way of voting — to be announced soon — and the excitement of the poll reaching immense heights online already, the Top 100 DJs poll is impossible to ignore.