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We asked DJs from many countries for their World Cup predictions...

Who do you want to win the World Cup?
“Brazil, of course. Why? Because it’s the most traditional soccer team in the world. It’s the only one who has participated in all editions since the first, and the only one with five titles. And of course, we’re hosting the 2014 edition. We’re the favourite.”

Who's going to win the World Cup?
“I think we have many chances to win. If we beat Germany, the final could be Brazil vs Spain or Brazil vs Argentina. In my opinion, the champion will be Brazil or Germany.”

Standout World Cup memory?
“For me, it was a game with Holland, back in 1994 in the quarter-final. The first two goals were from Romario and Bebeto, but Holland did the other two. Then the situation became very serious. The Dutch guys really play beautiful football. Always did, actually. It was the most difficult game of the whole World Cup for me. At the end, we won the game and the final result was 3-2 for Brazil.”

Who should DJ before the World Cup Final? 
“I think it depends on the finalists. Could be a b2b? Gui Boratto & Hernan Cattaneo? Could be funny if the final is Brazil vs Argentina.”