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A lot has changed since DJ Mag first witnessed Orlando Higginbottom wearing a dinosaur onesie hunched over a laptop at London's Cargo in 2007. In those days, his show (aside from pre-historic attire of course) was mostly about the music. Not that it isn't the case today. However, major label (Polydor) backing, Nokia sponsorship and an album that peaked at No.35 in the UK album chart to one side, few would deny that his live show is close to becoming the brightest string to his bow — especially now.

As if drafting in two flamboyant female dancers in colourful felt head-dresses to bop around in tandem around the booth wasn't enough, the TEED live spectacle has continued to become more explosive in direct correlation with his rise to mainstream stardom over the past 12 months.

By tossing aside the Pound Shop confetti canon in favour of CO2 explosions, spellbinding 3D visuals and luminous strip console fit for Daft Punk's Tron, Orlando has continued to win hearts and inspire awe — especially in the UK — and it's been reflected, quite rightly, by a flood of votes his way in this year's poll. It's helped that he's got about a bit too.

 A massive show at KOKO back in May, a fistful of festival appearances and a UK tour to support his wildly successful debut LP has paved the way for a stretch of US dates this month, so it's only a matter of time until his infectious personality spreads like wildfire, and this guy becomes more than the national treasure he is today.

Living and breathing proof that major label backing doesn't automatically result in a sacrificial surrender of one's integrity, this is one dinosaur able to change his spots — go from a starlet of the blogosphere to big-room master — without selling his soul. Staying true to his bass-inflected sensibility touched on early releases for GrecoRoman, Orlando has gone on to compete with the big boys, but never without that ornate Native American headdress resting firmly on that stable head of his.

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