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Their journey to Vegas

Miller SoundClash Wildcard Winners Tom & Collins open up about their preparations for August’s SoundClash finale at Marquee Club, Las Vegas and reveal what the opportunity to play in the world’s EDM capital means to emerging DJs.

What are you most looking forward to about the live Miller SoundClash in Vegas?
“Performing at Marquee, meeting the other competitors, the whole experience sounds really cool.”

How are you planning on preparing for your Miller SoundClash performance? Give us your top 5 recommendations for warming up.
“We are planning to give it our all… hitting the studio to finish some originals, remixes and mashups we’ve been working on in order to give something special and fresh to the crowd. Getting some rest before is important too, but we’re alsp preparing a secret weapon to make it totally unique!”

What would it mean to you to perform the big room at Marquee nightclub?
“It would mean that we are playing in the best venue in the now capital of EDM.”

How do you hope Miller SoundClash will propel your career – where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
“We want to do something different that really touches people, so we would love to have a label and be able to discover new talent ourselves, and of course perform at every big festival in the world - that pretty much sums up our dream.

You both are already making waves in your native country, what are your home crowds like and how would you describe the Mexico dance scene?
We’ve witnessed the transformation of the scene in Mexico, just a few years ago people wouldn’t tolerate any type of dance music unless it was local music. But now we can play deep house, EDM and trap in one night and people won’t stop dancing!

With the exception of the Miller SoundClash event, where can we next catch you and what are your plans for the rest of this year?
You can catch us in Madrid on July 17 and 18 at Marvel and Vanity nightclubs for the Summer, the rest of our set dates you can find on our social media: check us out @TOMandCOLLINS.

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