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Labels get instant anti-piracy protection by ticking a box

Digital download site Traxsource has partnered with electronic music-specific anti-piracy service AudioLock to help boost sales for labels using their platform. The innovative deal, the first of its kind, allows anyone who sells their releases on Traxsource to get an exclusive 20% off AudioLock’s anti-piracy services — simply by ticking a box within their newly integrated systems.

Traxsource is the first digital download store to offer such a facility to its users.

Traxsource’s co-founder Brian Tappert said: “Traxsource was launched in response to music piracy and after speaking to labels and trying systems for ourselves, it is clear that AudioLock is the most effective solution available. We wanted to highlight to labels that everyone is affected by piracy and that they can do something about it. 

“We are confident that labels will see a marked difference in expected revenues and chart positions.”

Ben Rush, AudioLock CEO, said: “Half of our staff enjoy DJing, so we have been well aware of Traxsource as a download store for many years. We’re delighted they have seen the potential benefit for labels to work with us, and we are very excited to be able to extend our reach to help protect yet more labels with this partnership.”

The deal provides labels with discounted access to the specialist music anti-piracy company, which is ranked as the leader on the Google Transparency Report for the width of sites (Specified Domains) from which it clears infringing links from Google’s search engine. No other music-specific anti-piracy service removes infringing material from as many Specified Domains as AudioLock — according to Google’s statistics. With almost a single click, it also makes it quick and simple for a label to start protecting a whole release.

Digital music piracy is a big problem in the dance music industry. For more background on digital music piracy, read DJ Mag's recent feature on the issue here