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Winner of our DJ comp with La Tasca

Earlier this year, we hooked up with La Tasca to embark on a search for the UK’s finest DJs inspired by Latin sounds. We showcased eight mixes on our SoundCloud page and then the selected DJs battled it out for the chance to become the first ever Fiesta Nights DJ champion.

The victorious DJ on the night was Ether E who impressed the judges with incredible technical skills and a set of big Latin-inspired tracks. We caught up with him just after his win, to see how it felt.

Congratulations on being crowned as the Fiesta Nights DJ Champion! How does it feel?
“It feels amazing and immensely satisfying.  I put in a lot of thought and effort into my sets so when it pays off it feels good.”  

What were your tactics on Saturday? Did you play your normal kind of sound or adjust to fit the room?
“A bit of both really.  I normally fit some Latin house into my sets now anyway so it was quite easy to adjust to the room.  My tactics really were to just to relax forget about the other contenders and get on with my thing.”  .

Which tracks got the best reaction tonight?
“The most familiar stuff really although people seemed to enjoy the overall set.  But ‘Pasilda’ by Afro-Medusa and Claude VonStroke’s remix of Samim ‘Heater’ probably got the best responses.”    

What are your next plans? Are you going to use this as a springboard?
“Definitely going to try.  I am moving to Manchester in next few weeks so hopefully this will help get those gigs. Manchester promoters take note!”  

How long have you been DJing?
“I started doing it properly about 6 years ago but I had around a year–18 months where I didn’t really do much.  The last 2 years I have really knuckled down though and put the time into it which is starting to really pay off I think.”  

And how would you describe your sound?
“Eclectic, grooving, funky.”  

What kit do you use when you are playing?
“Either a USB controller or CDJs.  I am currently looking at buying new equipment although DJ gear lust can sometimes kill creativity.”  

Please give us your top 5 records right now?
Oliver $ & Jimi Jules ‘Pushing On’ Ten Walls ‘Walking With Elephants’ T.Williams & Shadow Child ‘Want You To’ Purple Disco Machine & Teenage Mutants ‘The Path’ Detroit Swindle ‘The Break-Up’

You can follow Ether E on Mixcloud. Facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter.