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DJ Mag premieres “Polkadots”

Whether quizzing fans on how to #BeLikeKanye or snapping a #Selfie at Ultra Music Festival, the self proclaimed “furry browed individuals,” Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, aka The Chainsmokers, are riding an EDM roller coaster filled with more drops than The Great American Scream Machine. 

As The Chainsmokers gear up to release the video for their latest single, “Kanye” (out now), the pair wholike hot chicks in yoga pants, enjoy a good burger, and have been rejected from many of the venues they now play at,” are hooking up DJ Mag with an exclusive download for another club banger, “Polkadots,” which pops perfectly with bottles. 

The rollicking tune could serve as a blueprint to The Chaismokers sound, centralized on boisterous bass stabs and massive synth flourishes. And it’s fucking loud. 

Download the exclusive premiere of "Polkadots" on DJ Mag, now. Things are about to get spotty...

"So we made this track about 6 months ago and have been playing it every set of ours since. Its a big room fun energetic song that is perfect for any dance set. Obviously its not our traditional vocal indie style but we like to get weird and do that whole put your hands up thing too, is that such a crime... Plus whatever its free so if you dont like it dont listen to it! But we wanted to put something out for free and we get tons of messages about this song and when we will release it, so...wonder no more!" - The Chainsmokers

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