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Watch Jesse Abayomi demonstrate the power of Push...

Ableton users delight in the new set of videos showcasing the power of Ableton Live and Push in all its performance glory. Taking centre stage is Jesse Abayomi, a very talented man who just happens to be Ableton Product Specialist, musician, DJ, label-owner, and Push master.

In the first of the two videos you can catch Jesse, aka Zone3, performing his new track 'Chemistry', live in the studio — showing off how he put it together using this powerful combo of Live and Push. The video also shows how using Push with Live is an intuitive affair, as you’ll notice that the laptop is hidden away allowing Jesse to focus solely on performance duties.

The second video is a behind the scenes expose where Jesse reviews his techniques for the performance — including using Drum Racks, the MultiMap Max for Live effect device, and the August synthesizer (a Roland Juno 106 clone in Max for Live).

Check out all the action below: