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Serato's new expansion pack adds further power to its Serato DJ software

Serato continue to improve on their already popular DJ software with the introduction of a new expansion pack that adds further power to its Serato DJ software. Flip allows DJs to create custom edits, extend intros, breakdowns or outros by recording up to six flip sections allowing for instant track remixing. Flip can be used offline — without hardware connected — and is perfect for prepping tracks for your sets.

Flip is a brand new feature of Serato DJ 1.7, however it is a paid upgrade and not free with 1.7 — which is a shame. This new DJ tech tool allows cue points and censor actions to be saved ready to be looped, re-triggered and started instantly by DJs during their sets. Up to six 'Flips' can be saved per track and are perfect for creating edits, musical transitions, effects or as well opening up the possibility of DJs totally rearranging the way the track plays by skipping verses and choruses in tracks. Essentially, Flip allows DJs to custom edit their tracks with the bits that they like the best, meaning that DJs can make quick easy edits of their tunes to play to the crowds.

The idea of Flip was pitched to Serato by New Zealand producer P Money, who was already using Serato to put beats together by manually triggering cue-points during his sets — as you can see in the video below.

Serato Flip is available now for £19.99.