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Mike McKenna Can't live without...

His Rooland JP8000 Keyboard

"I used to have so many Japanese synths but when I switched my set-up to a 90% digital studio, the Roland JP8000 was the only synth I kept. All my basslines and leads come from the JP8000; I have been using it for years and I can still make it scream or rattle like no other synth.

"The bass on my remix of DJ Hal's 'Dirty Robot Girl', as well as all the clicks and bleeps were done on it. The hands-on control is fantastic and all slider movements can be recorded so it's a brilliant control keyboard too. The presets are wicked, especially the basses, but with a little playing around you can really make some very, very original sounds. The arpeggiator is the best I have used and it has a huge range of patterns. It's a classic machine and totally indispensable!"