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The young EDM pretender hooks up with award-winning singer-songwriter

Teenage EDM star Martin Garrix has been exclusively telling DJ Mag about his forthcoming single release with Ed Sheeran.

Martin's track with the ginger-haired singer-songwriter is called 'Rewind Repeat It', and it took them about half a year to finish the track — both being busy boys, and all that.

We were in the studio two weeks ago, and we properly finished the tune,” Martin told DJ Mag. “It's getting released in December or January.

How did the hook-up happen? I met him in Los Angeles, and we played each other some stuff,” Garrix continues. “He'd never made a dance record, and at that time I'd never done a vocal track. Right now I've done 'Gold Skies', but when I met him I was only making instrumental stuff.

It was interesting for him to work with an electronic artist, cos he'd never worked with a producer in my genre before, and for me it was really interesting because he's from a completely different scene. I'm really excited by the result.”

The track is expected to be huge.

Martin Garrix, of course, is the Dutch teenage sensation who had a No.1 in the UK last year with 'Animals'. He's released a string of tracks since, and was voted No.40 in the Top 100 DJs poll last year. But what position will he be this year?

Ed Sheeran hardly needs an introduction.