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What does #Freelife mean to you?

If you haven’t noticed in the past few months, something very peculiar is going on with DJs—they are starting to dress alike. They are all sporting this jersey, this black jersey with the word FREELIFE printed in white across the chest. 

First, TJR wore one at Ultra last year, and the jersey was seen by over 800 thousand people (via the crowd and the live stream). 

Pretty soon other DJs like Skrillex and Dillon Francis were seen in the jersey.


Turns out, it was the Bixel Boys who were behind the jersey, and at first they only printed 50 to give out to DJs—but the shirt was “earned not bought.”  

Once demand for the jerseys grew, the Bixel Boys decided to hold a bit of a contest and asked “What does #FREELIFE mean to you?” Out of the hundreds of people who applied for the jersey, they selected ten people, and shared their stories with the fans. 

Now, they’ve decided to put these jerseys to an awesome cause. They are going to make the shirts available for purchase for 3 weeks only—and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to Camp Kesem, a non-profit organization that provides free summer camps for children who have lost a parent to cancer or have a parent with cancer. “Because they don’t appear sick, their needs are often over looked and they suffer quietly, leading to academic, social, emotional, and developmental problems.” 

The only question remains: why wouldn’t you try to get one? The Freelife Jerseys go on sale October 7. 

For more information about Camp Kesem, click here:

words: Shannon Marie