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Essential video tutorial from Point Blank

Point Blank Music School have a brand new course called Mixing Dance Music in Ableton. It’s all about applying classic and fundamental mixing and engineering skills to the popular software including EQ and compression concepts, critical listening, dynamics, reverb and depth. There’s also a whole list of exclusive Live Devices like de-esser and delay device created just for this course, as well as projects you can dissect to learn how a professional mix comes together.

To celebrate the launch of this new course, Point Blank have created a three-part tutorial giving you an insight into the kind of techniques you’ll learn on the Mixing Dance Music in Ableton course. In partone, course tutor Anthony Chapman (Franz Ferdinand, Klaxons, Rudimental) looks at the drums and the bass sections of his mix of Debukas’ track 'Shake'.

Find out more about our Mixing Dance Music in Ableton course here and for free course samples, plug ins and downloads click here