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Steve Aoki's Dim Mak imprint announces new eyewear and apparel for 2015.

Typically when you think “Dim Mak,” you associate it with Steve Aoki’s imprint and its extensive roster of artists. An impressive piece of the Dim Mak puzzle is the unique, creative approach to merchandise. The label offers styles – beyond tees and hats – in exclusive capsules that are designed with the Dim Mak artist in mind. Tiernan Cowling, Creative Director of Dim Mak apparel and merchandise, attributes music as the muse behind the custom designs. Cowling states, “The look of the Dim Mak merch line is reflected by what kids of the EDM scene are wearing today, within a particular genre of music. With a broad roster of music from electro to deep house, Dim Mak looks to its leading artists as the trendsetters [and] style-guiders.”

In late 2015, the label will officially launch its first stage of Dim Mak eyewear. “Wearing sunglasses at night has consistently rocked the scene from performer to party-goer, and has become a practical fashion piece with the evolution of nighttime events to daytime festivals,” Cowling adds. With the implementing of new design concepts, Dim Mak’s merch will continue to evolve into something much bigger.

Peep some of their clothing designs below and buy them here.


Words: Gabrielle Pharms Photos: Neil Favila