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The digital radio behemoth announced their partnership with T-Mobile Music Freedom to become the first electronic music service on the platform.

Denver-based company, Digitally Imported is the top dog in the online radio game for electronic music right now. Today the company announced that they will become the first electronic music service to go live in T-Mobile's Music Freedom program. Customers will now be able to stream DI's high-quality, human curated content from over 80 channels, while on T-Mobile's network. The best part - it's a free service, so it doesn't count against data plans or charge additional coverage fees. K'ching!

With the rise of mobile devices usage in the last three years, more companies are actively creating interactive apps. About 90% of Digitally Imported's current customer base comes through mobile usage and with radio still being the biggest platform for music discovery, the partnership with T-Mobile holds much promise for the future. Currently, DI streams more original content, exclusive and first-to-air mixed shows than any other music platform. They plans on integrating more features like on-demand listening, streaming radio and track purchasing to their service making it compatible with T-Mobile, in the beginning of 2015.  

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