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Acclaimed French producer to drop 'Super Discount 3' on January 19th

Renowned French house producer Etienne de Crécy has just revealed a brand-new collaborative album entitled 'Super Discount 3'. The album, set to release on January 19th via Pixadelic, marks the third chapter in the 'Super Discount' series, featuring a mixture of sounds from his first two collaborative efforts of the same name.

The album features the synthesizer work that gave 'Super Discount 2' its true techno sound, and the funky house samples and production that 'Super Discount 1' is known for.

Unlike the first two instalments of 'Super Discount', Etienne de Crécy chose to collaborate with vocal artists rather than producers. Although electronic producers Alex Gopher and Julien Delfaud lend a hand on the record.

'Super Discount 3' brings in the collaborative efforts of singers Baxter Dury, Citizens' Tom Burk, Cults' Madeline Follin, Kilo Kish and De La Soul's Pos & Dave.

Having constantly evolved his sound since helping to pioneer French house in 1994, Etienne de Crécy looks to continue producing groundbreaking work within the electronic scene with 'Super Discount 3'.

To hear 'You', a single from the album featuring Madeline Follin, click here.

View the entire tracklist for 'Super Discount 3' below:

1. 'Night (Cut The Crap)'

2. 'You ft. Madeline Follin'

3. 'WTF ft. Pos & Dave'

4. 'Hashtag My Ass'

5. 'Smile ft. Alex Gopher'

6. 'Sunset ft. Tom Burke'

7. 'Amazing'

8. 'Follow ft. Kilo Kish'

9. 'Love' 

10. 'Family ft. Baxter Dury'

Words: Josh Molskness