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Exclusive first play of a brilliant Deetron remix...

Headless Ghost is an alias of Ripperton, also responsible for 'Lazy Fat People', Perspectiv Records and Tamed Musiq, on which this EP is being released. Headless Ghost first saw a release back in 2009 with the 'Backend EP', a fantastic piece of '90s influenced shuffle house that is akin to what many producers have been trying to create of late. The alias saw a return in 2013 and has since released four stunning EPs which have been met with huge praise from critics and fans alike.

Ever the prolific producer, Ripperton is back with his second EP of the year under the name Headless Ghost, and we believe this is some of his best work yet under this alias.

'Let's Fall' is a dark, acid infused, drum-machine-tastic dancefloor killer, and we've managed to bag a first play of the Deetron remix, who is a common collaborator of Rippeton's. The remix is a classic Deetron production — crisp as you like, warm as they come, certified deep house goodness. Building on a fantastic original, this remix takes Headless Ghost's 'Let's Fall' to a brighter and dare we say it more accessible realm — though the result is anything but MOR. 

Listen below:

Headless Ghost (Ripperton):