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Hear this exclusive track from Waze & Odyssey’s upcoming compilation album

British house duo Waze & Odyssey are riding high after rereleasing their 2012 bootleg remix of R Kelly's 'Bump & Grind'. Officially released for the first time on 19th October, the track has infiltrated clubs and pubs alike as it has surged as high as No.3 in the UK Top 40. The popularity of Waze & Odyssey's house spin on 'Bump N Grind' also proves that house music only continues to grow across the UK.

To showcase their brand of modern house music, Waze & Odyssey are set to release a compilation on their W&O Street Tracks Label on 24th November. The compilation, entitled 'W&O Street Tracks Volume 1', boasts a line-up of similar house producers such as Adrian & Sake, Chamboche, New Jack City, Urulu, Ejeca, Sage Caswell, Mediman, XXXY, Eliphino, Bodhi and Citizen.

We are excited to share an exclusive stream of Bodhi's 'The Oakland Chinwag', a track featured on the upcoming 'W&O Street Tracks Volume 1'.

Bodhi, a house duo from Cardiff, have built a strong reputation on their deep house releases including their tracks 'Good Vibrations', 'Imperfection' and their 'I Need You EP', which was released last spring.

This Bodhi track, entitled 'The Oakland Chinwag', gives you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the 'W&O Street Tracks' compilation. A deep-rattling bass accompanied by pattering percussion loops and ambient vocal samples produce a hypnotizing track that puts you into a deep house groove.

If the house rhythms of Waze & Odyssey's 'Bump & Grind' caught your attention, be sure to check out the Bodhi track below and the rest of the compilation, which drops on 24th November. 

Pre-order your copy here and stream Bodhi's 'The Oakland Chinwag' below: