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Featured on upcoming 'Speicher 82' via Kompakt

This ten-minute-long track from German duo Voigt & Voigt offers a mind-bending dose of minimal techno as it weaves through a variety of static sonics and blistering beats from start to finish.

'Superstar' is a digital exclusive off of Voigt & Voigt's upcoming release entitled 'Speicher 82'. Set to drop on 1st December via Kompakt, the album includes 'Superstar' along with the equally as intense tracks 'Superpitch' and 'Supertrip'.

Voigt & Voigt is comprised of brothers Wolfgang and Reinhard Voigt, who have mastered the art of crafting spacey and hallucinogenic techno. 'Speicher 82' is the perfect example of Voigt & Voigt's unique techno experience. 

Kompakt's 'Speicher' series first launched in 2001 as a way to support forward-thinking dance sounds from all parts of the music spectrum. Voigt & Voigt's addition with 'Speicher 82' is not one you will want to miss.

To purchase a vinyl copy of Speicher 82, head to Kompakt's site here. 

Stream 'Superstar' exclusively below:

Words: Josh Molskness