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Here are some killer tracks to get you ready for his Output NYC set this weekend.

As 2014 comes to a close, we New Yorkers have what seems like an infinite number of incredible ways to celebrate the close of another great year. That said, one booking has snuck its way into the proverbial lineup that is a definite do-not miss. 


Boys Noize will be gracing Brooklyn’s underground oasis, Output, for another of his legendary open-close sets on the 28th. For those of you who have only seen the tekno and acid-house master at a festival stage or on his Live tour a few years ago, this is a definite step in another direction. Lest any of us forget, Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize, is the man who played his 2009 BBCR1 Essential mix on pure, undigitized and unadulterated vinyl. With that, here are our five personal Boys Noize favorites to get you in the mood for an amazing Sunday night: 


"& Down” - off his debut album, “Oi Oi Oi,” in 2007

“Jeffer” - from the acclaimed album, “Power,” in 2009

“XTC” - off the game changer, “Out of the Black,”  in 2012 that lead to the Boys Noize Live tour.  

“Starwin” - from his genre bending 2013 EP, “Go Hard EP” 

“Alarm (WHO AM I O.S.T.)” - his most recent single, signifying much more to come. 

You can grab tickets here.

Words: Andrew Rauner