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Madam X's Big People Music debuts new garage anthem from Tee Vish!

Is rhythm & grime back? It seems the new wave of melodic grime lends itself perfectly to the soulful sounds of RnG, and with the return of Kid D, its main proprietor, it appears the comeback is on.

Tee Vish's new EP on Big People Music is a perfect example - the A-side lends itself to garage influences, utilising vocals from the always brilliant Jenna G to create a euphoric club anthem that is set to become BPM's calling card, and on the flip, 'Frosty Riddim' gives speed garage a 2015 update to create a cut of nostalgic yet fresh as fuck dancefloor fire. 

Already gathering pace on its second release, BPM is ready to make some waves - keep your ears to the ground! The EP is out 2nd February and you can pre-order here, watch the video for 'Don't Hold Back' and listen to 'Frosty Riddim' below:

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