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No stranger to Malaysia, Afrojack is back once again with a reason to get your dancing shoes on, as he unleashes his energetic style of beats that are sure to pack the house at the second The White Party at KL Live. After such a great turnout during the first installment of TWP, the organizers are back with a second, bigger and better installment, with Afrojack taking on the baton as he hits the decks this March 13th.

Just a couple of months ago we saw Steve Aoki in a crowd of over 3000, dressed in pristine white as he brought down the house with his insane performance, signature cake throwing and boat rafting antics! If that was not exhilarating enough for you, be prepared for round two as KC & Friends bring you yet another elevated clubbing experience, with their reputation of delivering events that deliver an added touch of awesomeness.

Afrojack’s signature sound and catchy tunes have made their way onto dance floors all around the world and TWP is bringing him exclusively to you. Armed with an arsenal of hit tracks, this 27 year old has garnered ‘rave’ reviews all around the world for his sets that will leave you wanting more.

His hit ‘Ten Feet Tall’ still finds its way through our radio airtimes after a full year has gone by since its release. With immense experience and talent, it will be no surprise that Afrojack will bring the house down next month!

With the chart-topping, award-winning and highly-ranked Afrojack taking over, combined with the production quality from KC & Friends, we foresee it to be a night that will take us on a EDM journey like no other.

Be sure to come dressed in at least one item of white clothing or be prepared to miss what could possibly be the party of the year, with many surprises from KC & Friends to be thrown your way.

If TWP’s Premier Party was one of the best nights of your life, get ready for a night that will blow your expectations out of the club!