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Lose yourself for 30 minutes in space with Soma

Lewis Fautzi is one of techno's young and most exciting innovators. His latest LP release, 'Space Exploration' – set to drop today (23rd March) via Soma – sees the Portuguese producer explore his deeper, more emotional side.

As an accompaniment to his 'Space Exploration' LP, Fautzi has collaborated with Darren Watts of Glasgow based film company, EQTV. The movie they've created is, in a word, stunning, and features stretched-out, panoramic images of human space voyages throughout history.

All bubbling synths and quivering ambient builds, ease your way into Monday with 30 minutes of calming techno contemplation, streamed exclusively via DJ Mag TV below. 

'Space Exploration' is out today on SOMA. Buy here

Listen to Lewis Fautzi here