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The MP2015 is the new mixer from Rane that promises to get DJs in a spin...

When it comes to club mixers, there are only a handful of names that make it on the selection list for those who are serious about their sound — and that list has got even shorter these days with the untimely demise of Vestax. One name that is sure to be near the top of the list is Rane, who have one of the best reputations in the industry thanks to their range of rather excellent club mixers that have been seen in high-end clubs since the eighties.

Rane's latest club mixer is the MP2015 and is something of a surprise as it's the first rotary mixer that has been released by a leading manufacturer for a long time. This mixer promises to be something special thanks to the no-compromise design approach taken. While rotary mixers are nothing new, they are a rare breed that is only seen in a small niche of clubs.

This hasn't stopped the original rotary mixers from UREI and Bozak becoming legends that change hands for serious money these days, but does Rane's MP2015 have what it takes to become a modern classic that will be held in a similar high esteem in years to come?

One look at the MP2015 is all it takes to realise that this is a seriously high-end mixer that manages to look both slick and modern while giving more than a nod to the old skool. The control surface is packed with features but manages to remain uncluttered, with plenty of space around the control knobs and an all-steel construction that is finished with gorgeous wooden side panels which give this mixer an air of distinction and class.

What sets the MP2015 well and truly apart from its classic rotary cousins is the fact that it also has a high-end digital soundcard complete with digital filters, 24-bit output, selectable sample rates of 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz as well as two USB ports to make DJ changeovers a breeze. Each of the four main channel inputs feature studio quality phono preamps, analogue CD/line inputs as well as digital S/PDIF inputs for pure digital connection of CDJ players. The excellent balance between analogue loveliness and digital connects mean that the MP2015 is a truly modern rotary mixer that gives DJs the best of both worlds.

The main mixer channels each have a beautifully-sized level control knob, a digital filter control knob which is selectable between high pass, low pass and a low pass/high pass combination via a rocker switch. Each of these four mixer channels also has a dedicated sixteen segment UV meter, three band EQ, gain control and a sub-mix selector button.

The fifth channel of the MP2015 is a cut-down microphone channel complete with selectable ducking mode, gain control, tone knob and an on/off switch which is a beautiful example of the attention to detail that has gone into the design of this mixer by Rane.

Further ins and outs are also on offer in the form of an external FX send and return, a session in and out as well as a further auxiliary input which can be assigned to each of the four main channels.

As one would expect on such a high-end mixer, both the XLR main outputs and the quarter-inch jack booth outputs are balanced and the master section has gain control knobs for both of these outputs along with a stereo UV meter which has 16 LEDs per channel.

The icing on the cake of this superb mixer is an Isolator EQ section with a steep 24 dB octave design, which has continuously adjustable low-mid and mid-high crossover points. These dominate the top section of the mixer, with a further cherry popped on the top in the form of a submix channel complete with its own set of EQ, filter controls and a resonance knob.

Rane have managed to find the perfect balance between modern features and old skool rotary design — the MP2015 is an absolutely stunning mixer that any DJ who loves sound will instantly fall in love with and is perfect for use in professional environments such as high-end clubs.