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XDJ-RX overview

Only recently, we reported on how Pioneer’s new XDJ-1000 media player would sound the death knell for the humble CD; now hot on the trail of this rather hot development comes another groundbreaking release in the guise of the all-new XDJ-RX media player.

The XDJ-RX is an all-in-one deck that features a large central full colour screen, showing full waveforms based around Pioneer’s Rekordbox software. Tracks can be loaded via USB sticks or directly from smart devices that have the Rekordbox app installed.

The XDJ-RX follows the familiar DJ layout of two decks and a two-channel mixer, into which external sources can be plugged. The XDJ-RX borrows a lot from the top flight Nexus range, like the full-size CDJ platters as well as offering a host of new features. The future is now.