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We chat with them about the record!

Lifelike and Kris Menace have announced a brand new single, ‘Ready 4 Love’, set for release on 15th June via Computer Science.

Their first collaboration since their legendary ‘Discopolis’ 10 years ago, we caught up with the affable pair to find out more!

A new track! We’re excited! So why now?

Lifelike: “We have stayed in contact all this time but had separate career's that took off after 'Discopolis'. We toured together for two years together back in the day — it was a lot of fun!”

Kris Menace: “Because it was about damn time [laughs].It was a question of when we both had the time! People were always asking: “when are you going to do something again?” and so we thought the 10 year anniversary would be a great opportunity.”

When it comes to production do you think two heads are better than one?

L: “There is definitely something more when we work together, we are actually completing each other. I can write some parts, Kris writes others — it's a great team 

K: “You work differently then working alone. You try out different things, you get different ideas. It's fun when two heads are clicking, but a nightmare when 2 egos are clashing!” 

Tell us the creative process behind making ‘Ready 4 Love’?

L: “We wrote it in a few hours, just like 'Discopolis' and that's why we were so enthusiastic about releasing it. We both wrote different parts of the song and produced it in Kris studio.”

K: “It was all about love! 15th of December we produced it, 10 years after we made 'Discopolis'. We just wanted to have fun and that's really it.”

Favourite remix by one another?

L: I love his (Kris's) remix for Air 'Mer Du Japon' its 

K: I love Lifelike's remix of The Presets! It's a masterpiece!

Tell us the story of how you met?

L: “So, this is complicated! We met through a mutual friend called Patrick Alavi... “

K: “We met back in 2005, introduced by Patrick! We just exchanged emails first and decided to meet at the Strasbourg Cathedral in the middle of the night!”

Any annoying habits?

L: “Honestly, not that I recall, Kris is so cool to work with. I'm maybe the more nervous out of the two of us!”

K: “We love to make fun over everything and everybody. Not sure if that's good for Karma, but who gives a...”

Best night out you’ve had together?

L: “Wow, we've had so many! I recall playing in Man-Ray, a big club in Paris, the promoter came to see us and said 'You can’t play such underground music all the time, you have now to play Bob Sinclar please [laughs]'.”

K: “We had quite some amazing times and always something funny is always happening. There is an legendary story about us in Belgium, but maybe you will hear that from somebody else one day....” 

What’s next?

L: “Giorgio Moroder '74 is the new 24' Lifelike & Kris Menace remix, out on Sony Music 16th of June! Sept/October we’re releasing a new single. We can’t reveal what it is, it's a surprise for our 

K: "Next to that we are going work on new material, but we don't know if it will take another 10 years or not [laughs]. Lifelike's Album is coming out on Capitol and my project with Simon Lord was just picked up be Warner/Weplay." 

Stream ‘Ready 4 Love’ exclusively via DJ Mag above.