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Catch the feels and listen to Solomun's remix of Paul Kalkbrenner's 'Cloud Rider' now...

Get ready to float on a cloud and your Serotonin levels to rise even higher. Our new Ibiza Special, cover dude of DIYnamic, Solomun's remix of techno force Paul Kalkbrenner's 'Cloud Rider' is a guaranteed chills-inducucer that will have you begging for more.

The power of dance music comes to an orgasmic level worth riding, and just in time for the weekend. The original track is available now on iTunes as the first single off Paul's forthcoming seventh studio album titled '7' to be released August 7 via Columbia Records. Solomun's remix will also be officilly released later in the summer. 

With refreshing artistry, an uplifting bassline and D-Train's soulful vocals, this track teleports us straight to the shores of Ibiza.

Take a listen for yourself but be prepared to not get any work done for the rest of the day.. maybe the week.