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F9 Audio Sample Library and tutorial sessions

James Wiltshire of Freemasons fame has launched a new project that encompasses a new range of sample libraries to be used in conjunction with his brand new online tutorial site, whilst saying that they can be used in conjunction with the tutorials these new packs are fully formed and can be used by any producers who are looking for that certain something to drop into their tracks.

Described as soundware products more over software F9 Drumtrax Future Classic 118 - 122 BPM is the first sample pack on offer distributed exclusively by Loopmasters. One of the main problems a new producer faces is getting their music to sound as big and as hard hitting as the records in the clubs. Drumtrax provides the answer by offering club-ready drum and beat sounds. 1.8GB of Drum and FX Stems, produced, programmed and mixed by James himself. The sounds in the pack are presented as eight DAW specific projects.

Each set of stems from the projects comes as a full track arrangement - this not only helps to create instant inspiration for a new producer, but also shows the arrangement and programming tricks used by the pros. The full track arrangement also helps new producers to create club ready tracks quickly. Easily customisable and with an extensive extras section, any new producer is only a few clicks away from a release-ready drum tracks.

Check out the video below for further insight into F9 Drumtrax