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Flying Lotus

Californian cosmic beat-maker goes deeper...

The futuristic beats and galactic basslines of Flying Lotus are out there, somewhere. Also known as Steven Ellison, the producer's previous album '1983' introduced a languid hip-hop and spiritual jazz-referencing sound that sat out in the stratosphere. Now signed to Warp Records, with brand spanking new EP 'Reset' out now, he's turning over all pre-conceptions and going deeper than ever before.

"I don't want anyone to put me in a box, especially so early on," Ellison explained. "Give me a few more years in this stuff before you try to pigeonhole me."

Effectively wiping the slate clean, Flying Lotus mines an astral downtempo groove, as on the psychedelic r&b zonk-out of 'Tea Leaf Dancers' featuring the celestial tones of Andreya Triana. And on cuts like 'Vegas Collie' and 'Dancefloor Stalker', he plumbs the depths of electronica closer to Warp contemporaries like Plaid and Prefuse 73.

"I never really thought about it, but I guess I am a space cadet!" smiled Ellison. "Space is a place where all the things from your imagination can be a reality."

Ellison currently transmits his own radio show from LA - check the link: Flying Lotus Radio. You can also play a cool FL related game here