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Less Is More

What's up and coming and coming up...

FOR CHARITY... Bottletop and Fenchurch are launching the Bottletop Fenchurch Bag to raise money to help protect the children of Brazil. Available in the Fenchurch store in Monmouth Street, Covent Garden, London, it costs £49.99 with all profits going to the cause. Nice.

TAGGING... It's usually about this time of year that we feel the strongest urge to grab a marker pen and do our worst. We need to be distracted from the chills and biting cold. We're sorry, but club toilets are the favourite.

POLE DANCING... It's not big and it's not clever, but if you can do it we have the utmost respect for you. We're surprised how many guys are giving it a go too. Now that is a good look.

STONE ISLAND... Who are we to say what you should and should not do, but if you're listening at the back, bring on Stone Island. They totally rated at the end of the '90s and we say they never really went away. Bad boys, you know the score.

GET PISTE... We're gearing up for the slopes and the thought of the white stuff gets us very excited indeed. Can't wait for the snow either - 'arf 'arf! If you're loaded it's a cert you'll be heading for ski land. If not, how about a hot toddy?

OUCH!... We have to punish ourselves at least once a week and this time it's the fault of Balenciaga and those damned collars. All red and cosy and dead foxy. Go to and you'll see our problem.