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Phase Fatale

Scanning Backwards

Ostgut Ton
Phase Fatale - Scanning Backwards
Drawing on his knowledge of sound design and his experiences of performing and raving at techno monolith Berghain, New Yorker Phase Fatale has created ‘Scanning Backwards’, his second album to date and his first for Berghain’s in-house label Ostgut Ton. With an aptitude for moody atmospherics, he creates aberrant soundscapes,with synthesized sounds pushed through amps and guitar pedals, EBM and industrial drum patterns, and distorted snares. With its searing synths and penetrating vocals, fast-paced opening track ‘Velvet Imprint’ sets the tone, as Phase Fatale weaves through slower and faster tempos with a focused intensity. ‘During the Freezing Process’ and ‘Proxy Contact’ build extremes in tension and atmosphere, the latter most impressively with the use of spine-chilling recordings of human breathing. In its focused power, ‘Scanning Backwards’ is designed to infiltrate the dark corners of techno clubs around the world.