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Return of the Beat Box Legend

DSI announce the LinnDrum II for mid 2008

Move over BoomChik, the LinnDrum II is taking over. After the initial mock-ups, rumors and proposed specs, Dave Smith and Roger Linn have revealed the details for the final version of their new sampler-drum machine, previously known as BoomChik, and now entitled the LinnDrum II.
The main scoop is that there will be two versions in all. The first will be the all digital version featuring sample playback plus MPC and XOX style sequencing, and the second 'analog' version adds a 4-voice analog synth and 27 dual-function voicing knobs.
There's knobs and drum pads a plenty on both, 8-level velocity switching, dynamic filters and resonators, distortion and lo-fi algorithms, two complex modulation matrices and the ability to use sequence events as modulation sources.
16 megabytes of internal flash memory exist for sound storage, but because sound data is read directly from flash, expanding sound memory is accomplished merely by plugging a compact flash card into the rear panel slot. Inputs and outputs include four audio outs, two sampling/audio processing/drum trigger inputs, phones, USB, MIDI in/out, two expression pedal/foot switch inputs, and four additional direct voice outputs for the Analog model

  • The LinnDrumII is expected to arrive mid 2008 with pricing TBC, check for more.