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Mac Daddy

Kenton and Danny Mac collaborate on new USB controller

Danny Mac is no stranger to the tech pages of DJ Mag, so it comes as no surprise to see the forward thinking DJ put his ideas to the test with a unique new DJ Midi controller. He's teamed up with Kenton for the DM-01 project, designed around his DJ Style using Ableton live to mix up to four channels of music and audio loops. The bank of 10 buttons on the right hand side can be used to trigger loops and audio clips, with 8 banks accessible using the A-G buttons bringing the total to 80 clips.
There's also hi and low pass filters on every mix channel plus an effects send and a cross fader.
Since it is a USB midi controller, all the functions can be re-programmed by the user to their own custom settings and Midi Maps, which makes it usable with any Midi DJ software including Traktor and more.

The DM-01 controller will be available early 2008 from