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Our daily bulletin from the beautiful Croatian festival hotspot

DJ Mag arrives at Garden, and the sight that greets us makes you wonder why on earth this wonderful festival is calling it a day after this event. Over lunch on the terrace we debate what could be our highlights of the coming week — not an easy task we assure you.

Dave Harvey, curator of all things music at Garden Festival, says that apart from his Futureboogie boat party and club-night at Barbarella's, his most anticipated highlight has to be DJ Harvey who will be playing the finale. Leena Sharma, whose awesome job title is ‘All things Barbarella’s’, tells DJ Mag that her highlight is the here and now — watching the site fill up, by far the busiest first day they’ve had.

Around 4pm we decide to head for the Beach Bar where there are chilled beats playing and nothing but good vibes. Wild Fantasy drop Abraham’s 'Magpie (Morgan Geist Remix)' and there are nothing but smiles.

The crickets here make an incredible sound, and at one point we're sure that they're chirping or buzzing in time to the beat. And no, before you ask, we're very much sober at the moment! Then it's back to the apartment to get some rest and prepare for the opening night at Barbarella's (aka Barbs). Too excited!

Well, if there's ever a way to start a festival, then this was it. We arrive at Barbs just after 2am, and whilst waiting at the bar Bonobo drops 'Cirrus', one of his most inspiring compositions. We watch as people hurry to the dancefloor in fear of missing a second of the music — it was, indeed, a moment.

For those of you not aware of Barbarella’s Discotheque... It is quite possibly one of the best clubs in the world. Hidden away, it’s an intoxifying, hedonistic club synonymous of Ibiza in days gone by. A place where you can only dance under the stars and you will keep going until the sun rises.

Lone follows Bonobo’s euphoric and anthemic set with a raw and underground performance that sets the tone for the week ahead.

Words by Shino Allen.