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The latest DJ tool to hit Kickstarter

Mixfader the new ingenious DJ device will defo see the light of day as DJIT smashed their Kickstarter target in less than 48 hours!

Videos of Mixfader have been doing the rounds on the internet ably demonstrating what this little piece of DJ kit can do. In short Mixfader allows DJs and enthusiasts to cut up, scratch and mix tunes via turntables their iPads, iPhones and Android enabled devices all wirelessly via Bluetooth connection.

The magic is delivered with the aid of a related app that computerises vinyl turntables and allows for the skilful manipulation of your tunes. The app and the Mixfader device work together in perfect harmony, and for a limited time Mixfader is available to pre-order with 30% off the full retail price.

Check out more in the video below: