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Watch Harry Shadow Break Down His Track ‘Dreams’ with Vivienne Chi for Point Blank

Point Blank joined Harry Shadow, the producer behind Point Blank Recordings’ latest track release ‘Dreams’ with Vivienne Chi, to unveil the magic behind the track

This collaboration came to fruition when Point Blank students, Vivienne Chi of Ferocious Talent, and up and coming producer Harry Shadow joined forces in the studio. The new track is a fresh reimagining of the Fleetwood Mac classic of the same name and sees the pair breathe new life into the nostalgic anthem for the new generation.‘Dreams’ has already racked up over 250K streams in just 8-weeks and is available now on all streaming platforms. Watch the track breakdown below.

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During the video, the London-based producer talks about the inspiration behind the remix and how the pair planned to reinvent the classic. Harry fires up Cubase and shows exactly how he processed Vivienne Chi’s vocals to make them sound so warm and bright. He details his favourite plugins, including Arturia’s Mini V and Serum which helped create the track’s pulsing arpeggios and synth lines, along with how he automates his MIDI melodies. For the bassline, he layered two synths which helped create the 80s synthwave vibe the pair were going for when producing the song.