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Black History Month: Point Blank Link Up with Heartless Crew’s DJ Fonti


For the last instalment of Point Blank’s Black History Month series, they were joined by DJ Fonti, a UK garage legend and original member of Heartless Crew, to talk about his cultural background, how he linked up with Bushkin and Mighty Moe, what British black music means to him, how their UK anthem ‘Heartless Theme’ came together and much more.

This masterclass was hosted by Koy Redmond, a.k.a. KdotMelody, a London-based writer, recording artist and Point Blank Events Executive. Over Black History Month where Koy presented a number of thought-provoking masterclasses with impeccable musicians – delving into what it means to be a black artist in today’s society.

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DJ Fonti is best known for his work with Heartless Crew and his trademark Crisp Biscuit mixes. Himself and the other members of Heartless Crew, who met at school in North London, were influenced heavily by Sound System culture and hip-hop of the era. The trio signed to BBC 1Xtra in the early 2000s due to the popularity of their homegrown performances and are still highly regarded as one of the movements which paved the way for UK grime music alongside So Solid Crew and Pay As You go.