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Native Instruments rolls out “vintage sonic toy box”

Kinetic Toys contains samples from over 200 classic toys...

Native Instruments is ensuring producers now have access to the sounds of their childhood via the recent Kinetic Toys roll out. The pack is an expanded version of a free Kontakt instrument dubbed Kinetic Treats.

The attached clip mentions samples from retro toy guns, tops, cuckoo clocks, toy trains, and clockwork robots. In all, Kinetic Toys includes 650 sounds sampled from over 200 throwback toys.

The instrument is controlled by two X/Y interfaces, while a twirling jewelry-box ballerina morphs between sounds and layers as it dances.

Kinetic Toys is available for $149 (US) / £129. The expansion requires its user to already own Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 Player. 

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