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Pioneer DJ DJM-S11 vs DJM-S9: Point Blank Feature Review


For Point Blank’s final DJ tutorial of 2020, Ben Bristow, their Content Development Manager, and DJ Ravine get hands-on with some new Pioneer DJ kit, giving an overview of the DJM-S11 mixer comparing it to the DJM-S9.

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Pioneers DJ’s new DJM-S11 mixer has been championed for its combination of everything DJs love from a mixer. Its most noticeable new feature is the 4.3-inch customizable touch screen which allows you to browse tracks, check waveforms and dynamically change the texture of the music with TOUCH FX. In addition, the DJM- S11 houses 22 Beat FX, including the new Fader Pitch and Helix, 8 bigger performance pads which make them easier to hit during battles, an enhanced Magvel Fader Pro and then some!