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Point Blank Shows How to Copy and Record Live Loops in Logic Pro X 10.5

To celebrate the release of Apple’s Logic Pro X 10.5, Point Blank are creating a number of tutorial videos which explore the update’s new features. This time, Point Blank Course Content Developer Risa T demonstrates how useful Logic 10.5’s Live Loops feature is and shows just how easy it is to start arranging and playing musical ideas in real-time. With Live Loops, you’ll now be able to create music in intuitive ways, including loops, samples and recordings in a new musical grid.

These Logic Pro videos are taken directly from Point Blank’s Intro to Music Production: Logic Pro course content, meaning if you enrol on this course (or many others for that matter), you’ll get all of this and much more. Plus, they’re currently offering 25% off selected online and LA courses until 10th August – so be sure to enrol using the codes ONLINE25 and LA25. As well as creating tutorial content for their courses, Risa T occasionally steps in to deliver her own breakdowns for their deconstruction series. Watch Risa T pull back the curtain on Tones And I’s no. 1 hit track, ‘Dance Monkey’, here.